Madeline: But Celeste tells me you continue to be so supportive with her and the boys.
Mary Louise: She should probably just get a proper housekeeper. You're very short.
Madeline: Excuse me?
Mary Louise: I don't mean it in a negative way. Maybe I do. I find little people to be untrustworthy. My apologies. I pride myself on being a very good judge of character, but you have always presented such a difficult read. You seem like a nice person, loving, but also, you strike me as a wanter.
Madeline: A wanter.
Mary Louise: Mmmm. You know, there are people in life who content themselves with what they have and then there are others who just, they just WANT.
Madeline: I'm not a wanter.
Mary Louise: Oh, you don't have to take it personally. I'm a wanter myself. You know what I want? I want Perry back. I want to know what happened that night, and I'm very tempted to ask you, but I doubt I would get the, uh, truth, would I?
Madeline: Your son lost his balance, and he fell.
Mary Louise: Yes, that seems to be the company line, depending on whose company you keep.

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Big Little Lies Season 2 Episode 1: "What Have They Done?"
Big Little Lies
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Big Little Lies Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Ed, it's the first day of school. We have to earn our good mom badges all over again.


Fine young men don't suddenly become fine young all of a sudden in a woosh, you know. It starts with being fine young boys, and part of being a fine young boy is respecting your mother. She works so hard for you. That's why the sun shines on her so.

Mary Louise