Rollo: You know perfectly well why I am here offering you this.
Lagertha: Do I?
Rollo: Yes. You know I have always loved you Lagertha. And that Bjorn is my son.
Lagertha: He is not your son.
Rollo: You cannot deny it to my face. Can you? Can you.

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Vikings Season 5 Episode 11: "The Revelation "
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Vikings Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Rollo: Of course Bjorn Ironside lives, I taught him to fight! Who can kill him?
Ivar: There is someone else who is still alive. The woman that haunts my days and nights.

Ivar: We obviously want to reward you for what you have done for us.
Rollo: Don't worry, you will. We will strike a trade deal which will be extremely favorable to me. We will also make an alliance for our mutual defense so that if I am attacked by anyone, you will send warriors to support me.