SAUL: God damn it, Majid. You cheating on the [nuclear] deal or not?
JAVADI: You sound convinced already, so why are you here asking me?
SAUL: We started something, Majid, three years ago, you and I did, together. Something between our two countries that succeeded beyond our wildest dreams.
JAVADI: We didn’t start anything together. You put a gun to my head and threatened to expose me to my own service, I went along because I had no choice, do you remember that?

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Saul Berenson
Homeland Season 6 Episode 4: "A Flash of Light"
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Homeland Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

CARRIE: I’m an ex-spy, Dar. I don’t pretend to be anything more than that.
DAR: I came to you as a friend, Carrie. An admirer, even. And I’m telling you this in the same spirit, stand down.
CARRIE: No, you stand down! You had your turn, fifty fucking years of it, and look where we are now. You stand down!

CARRIE: Why do you do it? Why do you post all that ugliness up online? […] Photos of fallen American soldiers. Links to suicide bombers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Why do you do that?
SEKOU: It’s meant to shock people. Wake them up to what’s happening in the Middle East. If someone breaks in your home, logic dictates you do whatever it takes to get them out.
CARRIE: Would it surprise you that I sympathize with what you just said about defending your home?
SEKOU: Except for when that home is in a Muslim land and the invader is the U.S. military. Then it’s terrorists killing Americans.
CARRIE: No, I get that argument, too. But I also have friends who lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan, so those images you say are meant to shock, they deeply offend me.