Carla: You see, that's what's really bothering me.
J.D.: What, Turk and Bonnie? They hate each other.
Carla: Then why is he doing his "You're so getting a piece of this" dance?
J.D.: He's not. That's his "In your face" dance. Or it's his "There's a sale on lotion" dance. I dunno, he's got so many dances

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J.D., Carla Espinosa
Scrubs Season 2 Episode 4: "My Big Mouth"
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Scrubs Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Dr. Wen: Christopher!
Turk: Sorry, sir. I just can't believe Kelso chose me.
Dr. Wen: Yeah, me neither. I told him to take Bonnie.
Turk: So, then, why did he pick me?
Dr. Wen: Among all the surgery residents, what's the difference between you, Bonnie, Todd, Steve, Eric, and V.J.?
Turk: First of all, she's a-
Dr. Wen: There it is.
Turk: Wait, because she's-?
Dr. Wen: Yep.
Turk: She?
Dr. Wen: Exactly.
Turk: Huh? It's because she's a woman... Damn!

Turk: Dr. Kelso, can I bother you for a second?
Dr. Kelso: Based on history, I'd say yes.
Turk: I know for a fact that Dr. Wen recommended Bonnie.
Dr. Kelso: Dr. Turk, I chose you over that nice young lady because we're going to be moving around a lot, and I can't be pulling over every two minutes for pee-pee stops and those nylons that come in plastic eggs!
Turk: Dr. Kelso, don't you think that's a little sexist?
Dr. Kelso: I don't know, sport? Is it sexist to hold the door for a woman? Is it sexist to keep the pretty nurses and unload a few uggos? The rules have changed so much, I just can't keep up. Tell you what: Let's stop jiggling each other's marbles. Why don't you decide who should go; that way, when you choose yourself, I won't have to deal with all this horrible guilt