Gibbs: Any problems?
Torres: None, except Bishop almost blowing up our cover, we’re pretty good.
Bishop: Excuse me?
Torres: You shouldn’t have slapped his hand away.
Bishop: I don’t give out free samples! I’ve got three kids to feed and a sick Nana in Boca. [Torres stares at her.] What? You told me to have a backstory. That’s my backstory.
Torres: That’s actually… that’s actually pretty good.
Bishop: Thank you.
McGee: What’s wrong with Nana?
Bishop: Shingles!
Gibbs: Condolences.

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Eleanor "Ellie" Bishop, Tim McGee
NCIS Season 15 Episode 11: "High Tide"
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NCIS Season 15 Episode 11 Quotes

McGee: Where’s they go?
Gibbs: Not the question.
McGee: What happened?
Gibbs: *That’s* the question!

She looks more “band camp” than “bad-ass.”

Bishop [regarding a suspect]