Guy: Hey ladies. Name’s Todd.
Carina: Hi Todd, bye Todd.
Guy: Oh man, you’re going to go break my heart like that?
Carina: Mm-hmm.
Guy: No, you see we were just stopping by to see if we could buy you all some drinks.
Maya: We have our own drinks, thanks.
Guy: Ah cool. So you two on a girl’s trip?
Carina: Something like that.
Guy: Sweet, just blowing off a little steam.
Maya: Look man, we’re just trying to have a nice time so would you mind…
Guy: Oh, you having a nice time is all I want.
Carina (in Italian): Without fail, men are idiots.
Guy: What’s that, Spanish? I took Spanish. Hola, cómo está?
Maya: OK Todd, you want to have some fun?
Guy: Hell yeah.
Maya: If you can do more pushups than me, you can buy us drinks, but if I can do more pushups than you, you buy us drinks, then leave us the hell alone.
Guy: I like a feisty woman. I’ll do it with one hand just to keep it even.
Carina: Oh, I want to see this.
Maya: Another round of drinks on their tab, please.
Carina: And fries and mozzarella sticks, thank you.
Maya: You were right. Vacation is fun.

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Station 19 Season 3 Episode 11: "No Days Off"
Station 19
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Station 19 Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Jackson: You plan on doing plastic surgery in this thing?
Ben: Of course not but you never know when a guy’s face will get chewed off by a bear. Don’t worry man. We got a traditional bovie here to go for all things trauma. And uh look, I know trauma’s not your thing usually, but I’ve seen you in the pitt. In a crisis, you get calmer and that’s what I need in a partner.
Dispatcher: PRT 19 requested. 2924 Center…
Jackson: Wait, is that us?
Ben: Oh, that’s us, and don’t worry. It’s normal to get excited about injured people. You change on the way.
Jackson: Now? Oh, can I go down the pole?
Ben: We’ll talk about it.

Travis: Chief, Travis Montgomery.
Dixon: Oh yeah, right.
Alicia: Oh my god Travis. You’re the one mentoring Emmett. Ah, it’s so nice to meet you. I’ve heard such lovely things about you.
Travis: Oh good, and you are?
Alicia: Sorry, I always do that. I hug people before I even introduce myself. I’m Alicia, Emmett’s girlfriend.
Travis: Oh right of course. It’s so great to finally meet you.
Emmett: Well it was good seeing you.
Dixon: Montgomery, we were about to go to lunch.
Alicia: Oh yes, yes, I’d love to hear some stories. Emmett never tells me anything.
Emmett: Well, dad it’s his day off. He probably…
Dixon: I’m sure he’d love to sit down with his boss, right.
Travis: Yeah, yeah.