An Old Foe - 12 Monkeys
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Jennifer warns Jones about Olivia. If she smiles, she wants you dead, and she's never anywhere she doesn't want to be.

They're fresh out of cells so she gets a fresh one, but it doesn't look airtight.

Jones wants to figure out why

Olivia and Jones have a long chat about what was and what will be.

Deacon isn't dead. He's being sewn up by the dude who is helping Cassie in the future.

Deacon either sees a vision of his dad or his actual dad. He wound up in 2163, looking pretty much like shit. It's hard to understand what the hell he's eating.

Slowly but surely they're bringing everybody back to home base.

Jones is annoyed enough with Olivia to send her on a little trip with a decreased relay speed which means maximum pain. She enjoys the hell out of watching her splinter.

Despite the fact Olivia laughs in the face of Jones' torture, Hannah holds a knife on Dude, which seems counter productive to her dislike of torture. While mother and daughter are bitching, Cole takes her back three months and puts her into a box, making her deepest fears come alive.

Jennifer goes to see Ramse, to give her condolences about Sam. She believes she might be the first person who really means it. He wonders what it means about that place if you have to be a little crazy to be human.

Jones begins to care for the terrified Olivia and Cole finally goes to see

Deacon is completely healed, doing chin ups while singing his song. His crazy dad wondering what the deal is with that song, anyway.

Deacon makes it out, and the door he opens is Cassie's.

Olivia tells the team there is a single moment in time when the witness will be vulnerable. She knows when and where they can kill him.


Ramse knows the origin of the Witness. Just as Jennifer said, everything Olivia did was planned. Ramse even told Olivia she'd have to hurt and take a real beating for it to work, for him to get the opportunity to kill Cassandra Railly.


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12 Monkeys Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

I gave you the enemy of your enemy gift wrapped in a bow. Can I see my friend now?


Jones: Ms. Kirschner is a perfect variation of the messenger genome. Impeccably constructed.
Dude [looking at Jennifer]: We do seem flush with unusual specimens lately.