The Origins - 12 Monkeys
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Year 1921.

The four horsemen of the apocalypse are there, all dressed up like Future Cole, carrying a similarly dressed coffin on their way toward the bit Pallid thing.

Jennifer is trying to get God, via a priest, to help her mail postcards to the future. Then she trys the stage, to make a spash big enough to hit 'em a 100 years from now.

After her success, she even tries bringing a play of the Army of the 12 Monkeys to the stage, but it's a total dud.

One of the "horsemen" shows up for Jennifer. She fights back and Cole and Jones get to her in the knick of time.

Cassie asks to see her son. Instead of taking her to see her baby, dude takes her to see who her son will become. That's not helpful.

Jennifer is not pleased to be used as a pitstop on the way to find and rescue Cassie.

There's Ramse!! He's still searching for his son. That lady found him 23 years ago. Holy shit.

She tells Ramse his son is safe and to have patience. I think 23 years is the ultimate patience, isn't it?

They get to the camp to learn Sam was on guard with the others and unlikely to survive. The Witness left a not pinned to a tree with a knife.

Somehow, Ramse recognizes his son. I think it's the same actor. Ramse tells him he's the only thing in his whole life he doesn't hate himself for.

Sam asks Ramse to kill him. To make the pain stop. Instead of snapping his neck, he smothers him, which means Sam fights back.

Cassie makes her way to the Monkey Dome. The baby is being delivered to the Pallid man for a ceremony. Cassie is freaking out.

The four horsemen, one of which is Magdelena, takes the baby and puts it into the coffin.

In 1022, Magdelena shoots Cole, who has just seen a version of the coffin on a piano.

The coffin is about as unconfortable as a thing can be. There is not even any padding in there.

Magdelena tells Cole they've never met and now they never will. A baby is crying and he goes toward the coffin thing. Time does it's thing. Everything is reset and they're right back where they started the day before. Jennifer is jumping up off the stage at the end of her 12 Monkeys play, it's still a dud. But this time, she needs no rescuing.

The guardians of the witness are unstoppable. When they see them coming, they will immediately go back and rewrite the timeline.

Nobody knows yet why the Army of the 12 Monkeys is protecting a child. But in the prophecy Jennifer described it as a weapon. Jones doesn't know whether to send Jennifer back to 2016 or keep her here.

Jennier is extremely excited to be asked to stay and be a part or the team. Jennifer knows that as long as they have the machine, they'll never be alone and that's how Cole will find Cassie. Perimeter breach. Outside? Ramse.

12 Monkeys
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12 Monkeys Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Jennifer: Five years!! I've been here, alone, by myself for five years and your asking about Cassie? About Ramse?! What about me? What about, 'hey Jennifer, how did you survive WWI?' Hey, I'm really glad you asked because I was a prisoner of WAR!
Cole: Jennifer...
Jennifer: And YOU, Grandma Time!
Jones: 'Scuse me?
Jennifer: Check your mail? I've been sending you messages, leaving you clues? I even wrote an album...I'm Still In France...It's 1921...And my favorite, Jones, Send Help.
Jones: Why on earth did you use a stage name?

The Witness, your son is a child, a man, a word, our savior, present now yet also in the past. He's all of this simultaneously.