The End of the World - 12 Monkeys
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The year 2163 is the only clue. Cole has been searching everywhere but has found nothing. He's going again and again to 2163, planting a beacon and it flashes blue. The last time before the credits roll, it flashes red.

Cole wants to keep searching, but Jones wants her daughter, Hannah, to go along with him if he's going back again. They get there, the temporal signature flars and Titan appears right after she disappears.

Cassie is being treated like a queen. The unhappiest queen in the land. She's not nourishing the child growing in her belly. Todaay is her unveiling. She'll be showing the crowd her love for the witness and all that jazz.

The woman across the table, Magdelena, has no plan to allow Cassie to raise the child after he's born.

A gal named Ariana is assigned to help Cassie. Brushes her hair and things like that. She was taken from her mother as a small child. Believing in the witness is all she knows.

Cole meets up with a guardian of sorts in the woods. It has lights on its chest and a sock over its face. When the Pallid man receives word of another traveler, the place lights up for travel.

Cassie takes the hair prong out and stabs two gals. She promises Ariana she won't hurt her, but will help if helped.

Cole gets into Titan and is zapped away before they splinter.

When sock mask dude takes his mast off, its Cole. Future Cole tells Cole he can't believe what a dumbass Cole is. The future is chock full of nuts. Jennifer is the key to everything and she's not in Titan. Better brush up on your French.

Jennifer is sitting in the bunker while the Germans are walking around shooting people. To feel better she starts singing 99 Luft Balloons. To make it better she kicks up her own in-head disco version.

The Germans don't know what hit them, but they begin to laugh. This one? She lives.

Cassie decides to kill herself despite Magdelena's attempt to keep her from doing it. Magdelena goes back in time to warn herself, she kills Ariana and Cassie is not going to be nearly as comfortable as she was previously.

Cole goes back home, committed to finding Jennifer.

Four months later and Cassie is giving birth to their little bundle of joy, who they must name Nathan if the slip Future Cole gave was any indication. He watches Cassie giving birth, which is just weird.


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12 Monkeys Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Cole: How is this not a paradox?
Future Cole: This helps with that [points to his chest].
Cole: That's a machine?
Future Cole: No, this is just what we all wear in the future. Yes, it's a machine!

Cole: Who are you?
Sock Mask Dude [unmasks]: That's right. Take it all in. Greetings, asshole. I'm future asshole.