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Nicholas arrives at the restaurant and announces that his wife has given permission for him to sleep with Caroline. She doesn't believe him so he arranges for the two to chat on a Skype call. After getting beauty school cheap haircuts, the girls meet Juliette, but even after permission is given, Caroline swears she won't sleep with him. She does accept his dinner invitation, but needs Max and Deke along to keep her from making a mistake. 

Meanwhile, Max decides that her and Deke's relationship is at the point where they are ready to make a new kind of commitment to each other and goes on the Pill. Deke isn't so sure she's ready for that kind of commitment, which makes Max think he's not ready for their relationship to move forward. But it turns out he just knew she wouldn't remember to take the Pill every day so uses part of his millions to give her a Nuva Ring. 

Caroline, Max and Deke go to Nicholas' for dinner and as Caroline's self-control wavers, Deke and Max decide to stay the night to help Caroline keep her word. In the end, Caroline decides that Nicholas is a man that she will always be attracted to, but never sleep with. 

2 Broke Girls
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2 Broke Girls Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

Caroline: Dammit, I got a straight one.
Max: What makes you think he's straight
Caroline: He keeps pushing my head down before I'm ready.

The Pill's like 50 bucks a month, that's more than it costs to raise a damn baby.