Henry's Rising Star
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On this week's 666 Park Avenue...

Nona reveals to Jane that she and Jane are both children of the Drake.

Believing that Louise slept with the Doctor, Brian decides to sleep with Alexis. He later learns that Alexis tricked him, and now she's living in the Drake.

Gavin gives Henry advice on keeping Jane in New York by proposing to her.

Victor Shaw tries to convince Olivia to betray her husband, but Olivia instead uses special lipstick to send him into convulsions.

The Doctor tries to get out of the deal with Gavin, but Gavin forces him to save Victor's life. Kandinsky drives the ambulance.

Jane discovers that the mosaic on the floor of the basement is missing the "eye" which is her necklace. After inserting it, it reveals a deep staircase. She starts to go down and the floor closes up.

666 Park Avenue
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