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Buck, Chimney, and Eddie help Maddie move into her new place. 

The team gets a call about a helicopter stuck on some bleachers. They rescue the traffic reporter, Taylor Kelly, stuck inside and she decides to do a piece on the firefighters and paramedics of station 118. 

The team gets called to an eating contest at an exotic pet store, in which the participants are eating insects. They also get called to a bodybuilding contest in which a bodybuilder seizes up while posing. 

Prior to a call, the team, minus Chimney, eats a batch of brownies that were sent to the station, unaware that they are laced with LSD. The call takes them to a beauty pageant, where a mom hit another mom with her shoe and lodged it in her cheek.

Buck, Hen, and Eddie are unable to work due to being high. And back at the station, Bobby is high and talking to Taylor about his daughter Brook. He also finds himself on the roof claiming to see Brook and Athena has to talk him down. 

Bobby later tells Athena that he has an urge to get high. 

Maddie struggles at work when she gets a call from a woman that reminds her of herself.

Taylor's piece runs on tv and leaves out the drug use. 

Chimney brings a movie over to Maddie's place and they watch together. 

Bobby joins Athena and her family for May's Homecoming pictures. 

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9-1-1 Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Taylor: Captain, we'd love to get some words from you.
Bobby: Okay, here's a few: Stop pointing that camera at people who are in distress. The people we serve have to feel like they can trust us and can be honest with us, otherwise, mistakes get made.

Athena: Big Brother is definitely watching.
Bobby: No, I'm more worried about Little Sister.