Billie takes separate parenting classes from Zack and goes with Olivia and Abby. It becomes a competition when Abby is better than Billie.

"Working Girl"

When James hires another film critic at the paper, Billie feels her job is threatened and sets out to prove how valuable she is.

"The Third Man"

Bill begins to date Brian, prompting Zack to get jealous. James encourages Zack to do something stupid.

"The Godfather"

Billie accidentally breaks up Abby and her husband after asking Davis and her to be the godparents of her child. Billie tries to prevent Abby from making any mistakes with a night out with Davis.

Zack's plan to surprise Billie with a new low flow toilet leads to the two of them getting into their first major fight.

"The Love Guru"

Billie gives Zack and Davis dating advice but their plans don't get smoothly when the women they're pursuing show their true intentions.

After discussing their stances on dating, Billie and Zack agree to see other people.  However, Billie finds her pregnancy getting in the way of any of...

"One Night Stand"

Billie's pregnancy is starting to make her more attractive to members of the opposite sex, especially Zack. However, due to an incident involving suntan lotion, Zack must reject her advances.

Billie finds an unfinished note to her in Zack's things and attempts to find what he's hiding from her.

Billie, a newspaper film critic, fresh off a breakup with her boss has a one night stand with a much younger guy and ends up pregnant.