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Day 32 Britt

It's night and Britt is in his shelter. He's looking for something. He killed a mouse. He put his head on a knife for the other rodents to see. It's about 30 calories, but they've got to eat anything they can get at this point. He's looking it over the fire in his shelter.

The meat tastes good. Small and satisfying. 


It's still night and he's in his shelter. He hears mice too. In the grass. He is going to try to catch the mice too. He can't catch any fish, so he's going to catch and eat what he can get. That trap go off? Yes, baby. Yes! - Sam

The mouse is still alive, but it's not running anywhere, so Sam went over and wacked the mouse. He wonders about Larry.


"She's a cold one this morning, boys." Larry. He's very excited. It's a beautiful morning. Clear skies. The birch tree outside has frost in it. The mice are gone from his place, so he's singing a celebration song.

Larry caught a mouse in his trap outside. He's talking about mice and how they were partying just the other night. 

Day 33 Larry

Larry is finding a lot of mice in his traps, and he's happy about that. He's using a deadfall and it's working out well. He's talking about the mice and how they've been bothering him for a month, so he named his deadfall Slayer, and set them for the mice. He had different names for each trap.

He had silence last night and he was glad about that. He went into his shelter and it started to rain. There's a mouse in his tent again, and he is flipping out. Again. Mood swings are bad with Larry. He's holding his head and looks like he's losing it a little. Talking himself up.


It's raining, and he's going to hang out in his cabin and work on projects to keep his mind busy. He's having trouble staying focused and he's getting depressed. He's a social human being and that is what is making him crazy. He has all the skills, but being by himself is the hardest part for him. He made himself a chair out of wood pieces.


Rain has stopped and it's getting cold. He's not catching fish and he's seeing no grouse. He's hunting deer. He heard some elk. "Just one deer. That's all I need." - Dave. He's in the woods, being as quiet as he can. He's lost 27 pounds at this point.

He feels like there's something in the woods, but he doesn't know what. It's three deer he spooked out of bed. He's going to try to run ahead and bushwack them. He's gotta go fast to get there in time.

Dave lost track of the deer. He just used a lot of energy for nothing. He doesn't want to starve. He's at a low point because he can't feed himself, and it's depressing him. He's going to take it easy walking back to his camp. He has a lot to learn. He thought he was invincible.


He's talking about his dad and how he was hunting without randy in Utah. Randy decides to climb a mountain because he has to get himself out of the mindset of being alone. It's hard for him to be alone. He's wondering what it looks like from the top of the mountain.

"These little wanderings. They're so good for my mental state." Randy

The mountain is steep, but he's confident he can make it. He made it to the top. He said it was worth it. He feels rejuvenated. 


He is finishing his wall because winter is here. He's looking to block the wind. He's talking about home and how he would love to be with his family, but every day there is for them. First snow, and Sam is watching it fall.


He's building a wikiup because the area he hunts for the big game is far from his regular shelter. It's basically a teepee. The weather turned quick. It's snowing, and he's in his wikiup, but it's not done yet. He's laughing about it, saying how beautiful the snow is.

He's going to take a nap and see what happens with the snow.


He's talking about the snow, and how he loves to be in the first snow. The mountains are pretty. He is watching fish jump and he's hoping to catch some. He caught a fish. It's day 35, which is a milestone for him because last time he tapped on day 35.

He's not cold, he's not sad, he doesn't even really feel lonely. He has a great attitude. 


The water bottle he uses is solid frozen. He woke up with a poor me situation attitude going on for some reason. He's going to do some fishing to try and cheer himself up. It's snowing. He can't find any fish. It's been a week since he's caught fish or grouse.

He's feeling anxious about his next meal. He's bummed, watching the fire. Lack of food and companionship is taking its tole. He misses the community. He takes a polar bath in the cold water. He wants to continue going. But he doesn't want to do it alone. He's tapping. 

He outlasted himself, so he's happy about that. 


It was cold the night before and now it's snowing. He's hoping the snow will kill the mice. He doesn't know what to do today. He's bored. He doesn't want to keep pushing himself, but it's beautiful, so he's enjoying that. He prefers the cold. He found out he can echo there, and it makes him so happy he wants to cry. 



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Alone Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

She's a cold one this morning, boys.


That trap go off? Yes, baby. Yes!