Randy and his Log Cabin - Alone Season 5 Episode 4
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Day 11 Brooke

She's saying how she bakes pies. She's won awards and everything. Telling us to go eat pie. She is going to concentrate on the fire and her shelter. She's building a tunnel for the fire so the smoke can go out. She's making a tube out of bark. She needs to build a chimney so the smoke will go up and out. Fire pit, draft tube, and chimney. She keeps the fire low so the leaves don't catch. The tube is working! Thunder coming. She doesn't want rain.


Hears thunder. It's night. The thunder surprised him. The wind is picking up so he's going to get wood for a fire. He's missing a wall in his shelter, so that might be a problem. It's a basic tarp shelter he has.


He's laying in his shelter trying to determine how long away the storm is. He has a basic tarp shelter too. It's starting to rain. It's loud. It's leaking into his shelter.


Wind is coming into his shelter, so he went and closed the door. He's got a log cabin. He's good.


Windy. Her hearts beating fast. The storm is intense and she's worried.


The rain is blowing sideways. There's hail. 


The lightning is really intense and the rain is coming down hard.


She's feeling like the earth is shaking and the storm is getting stronger. She's worried her shelter is going to blow away. A tree just fell.

Day 12 Dave

He survived the night. Rained inside a little, so he's going to build up his walls. He's cutting down a tree that might fall on his shelter. It could've fallen on him during the storm and smooshed him. He wants to build a safe shelter.


His cabin is good, so he's going to move from his tarp temp shelter to his cabin. He's doing the finishing touches with the cabin. Chinking it and putting the tarp on top. He's preparing for the cold. He wants to win.


He's after a toad. He's toxic. Trying to decide if he should eat it. He decides not to. Better safe than sorry. Always - Britt.

He's after ducks in the water. He's coming up with a plan to attach the cord to his arrow so he can pull the arrow back. He's improvising. He's hungry. He's waiting for some animals so he can shoot them. A deer is floating down the river.

Day 13 Britt

He shoots and misses. It's trying to hide. He's stuck. He keeps shooting and missing. Now the deer leaves. He has a new idea. He's making plans to conquering the land more than he has been. 


He's working on his shelter and singing about fish. He's hungry. Eating dandelions. He's talking about how much he misses everyone and everything. He's been with his wife since high school. He is hoping he takes the lessons he learns and remembers them. You have been wanting a dance, people. He kisses the fish. Thank you, Mongolia. Now it's time to go eat. - Larry.

Day 14 Randy

He's in his underwear and he's dirty. He's finishing up his fireplace. He's been collecting clay and using it for his fireplace. He's using rocks and clay to build his fireplace. His shelter looks awesome. "I want to be in a place that feels like home. - Randy

He's cooking inside his cabin. It looks great. and working well.


He's got flowers in his hair. "That's right. It's a flower in my smag. Say something about it. Clearly, I don't care. It makes me feel good and it's brightening my mood."

He sees a chipmunk and decides to try to take it out with a rock. He ran away and came back. Britt throws a wood chunk and misses. 


e was watching a woodpecker. He can't decide. He's not going to kill it. I don't hunt to kill. I hunt to eat. - Dave.

He's deciding on what to shoot and eat. Trying to make smart choices. Bugs are loud. He is going to get more clothes. He hears something and readies his arrow. He shoots. 

Day 15 Dave

He kills a red squirrel. It wasn't a clean kill so he feels bad. He struggles with killing because he feels bad. He's going to make a bag or something out of the skin. He's eating the squirrel. He thanks the squirrel.


He'sin his sleeping bag and hears something outside. Is it a moose? It woke him up. The moose is keeping him up. He starts making moose sounds.

He got no sleep. He's hungry. Focusing on fishing, hunting. Can't kill moose in Mongolia. He catches a fish and is all excited.

Day 16 Jesse

It dropped off the line and it got away. He's devastated. He's starving but he's exhausted from hunger. "You have to fight through it." Jesse

He's still got a positive attitude but he needs food. 

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Alone Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

I want to be in a place that feels like home


That's right. It's a flower in my rag. Say something about it. Clearly, I don't care. It makes me feel good and it's brightening my mood.