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A cop asks Luis to describe Teo. Luis tells him how Teo was always clowning around and making his parents worry. The cop tells him that he was really asking about identifying marks. He shows Luis photos of a dead body that Luis identifies as Teo. The body has been cremated. He offers Luis the ashes. Later, Luis calls his wife, Anna, but can't bring himself to tell her that Teo is dead.

Meanwhile, JD tells Jeanette that Laurie-Anne won't let him see their father. Jeanette and Carson go to talk to Laurie-Anne. At first she says it was a mix-up but later she says JD had alcohol on his breath and their father doesn't need to deal with that in his dying days. Laurie-Anne tells Jeanette to butt out of family business and accuses her of stealing money to compensate the workers for the fire. She reveals that Carson stopped the check. When Jeanette confronts Carson, he is dismissive, telling her that he knows thinking she was helping made her feel good and he wanted her to get out of the bad mood she's in.

Shae tells Kimara she wants an abortion. Kimara tells her she's going to need to see a judge to get a waiver because she's under-age, unless she wants to call her parents. Shae then meets a boy on the shelter grounds who says he doesn't like to talk in group because he thinks the girls should just get over being sexually molested. Kimara gets Shae in to see a judge, but the judge says Shae needs to try to contact her parents to get permission. Shae tells the judge that she began prostituting herself because of her mom and doesn't want to ask her for permission to get an abortion.

The judge grants Shae the waiver but she must get an ultrasound to determine how far along she is. The ultrasound doctor is super peppy about the baby's existence and offers to let Shae hear the heartbeat. Shae realizes she is being manipulated and doesn't want to, but Kimara insists. Kimara is crying as she hears the heartbeat. 

Coy is desperate to get off the farm. He needs $363 to buy his freedom. He calls Aiden, a man who is apparently involved with his mom, who refuses to give him the money and tells him not to call again. Isaac takes Coy to the doctor to get his injuries tended to. He is angry when Coy wants the pain pills he is offered. Isaac thinks Coy is ungrateful.

A furniture salesman named Nicholas is having trouble making a sale. He is frustrated to find that his new Haitian nanny, Gabrielle, speaks only French, which he does not speak. At a dinner out with his wife Clair he rants about this, but Clair likes it. Nicholas refuses to continue his date with Clair. Clair is cold to Gabrielle and wants to be alone when she comes home.

Luis awakens Coy and tells him to get Isaac. Luis confronts Isaac while Coy takes the whole bottle of pain pills. Luis shoots Isaac three times for what he did to Teo.

EMTs rescue Coy and give him Narcon to reverse the overdose. Meanwhile, Luis calls Anna and says he's coming home. He doesn't answer when she asks if Teo is with him.


American Crime
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American Crime Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Shae: I want an abortion.
Kimara: Okay. Have you ever had one before?
Shae: Yes.
Kimara: Where?
Shae: In DC.
Kimara: Okay. How far along are you?
Shae: I'm not really sure.
Kimara: Okay. I know someone at the courthouse. I can talk to her about getting you in.
Shae: Getting me in?
Kimara: The procedure needs to be approved.
Shae: You mean in court?
Kimara: You're underage. You need to get a waiver from a judge or permission from your parents. You wanna call them?
Shae: I didn't have to do all this in DC. I just went to Planned Parenthood.
Kimara: You're not in DC anymore. This is North Carolina.

Cop: Tell us about Teo.
Luis: Teo is my son. He is 17. He likes to laugh. I used to worry that people wouldn't take him serious, that he would get into trouble for messing around too much. But he just likes to make people happy.
Cop: That isn't what I meant. I meant, does he have any scars, tattoos or distinguishing marks we can use to help identify his body?