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Ghosts ran wild on American Horror Story this week, as the following developments went down:

- Hayden came very close to stabbing Vivien's pregnant stomach, but Ben came to the rescue after the ghost of Nora untied him from the basement. He was forced to come clean about EVERYthing, which included lying about when his affair with Hayden ended and saying she was also pregnant.

- Vivien responded by throwing Ben out.

- She also seemed to flirt a lot with the new security guard. Something to keep our eye on.

- We learned a lot about Tate. Namely: he is Constance's son, but he does not know his sister was killed and Constance made Violet swear not to tell him. He also may have killed a number of high school students, who approached him about the fact, but he sincerely doesn't seem to recall it.

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