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The long-standing truce between Marie Laveau and the Salem witches came to an end when the Minotaur attacked Queenie and then his head was returned to his lover in a box. Laveau repeated a ritual she used in 1961 to get revenge for a young black boy's death at the hands of a group of white men. She resurrected the dead to have them attack her victims. In the present day, she had Madame LaLaurie's daughters attack first followed by more zombies.

Nan contacted the Council of Witches when she couldn't hear Madison's thoughts because she figured she was dead. Even though no body was found, the Council held hearings. Myrtle was convinced that Fiona killed the Supreme before her and brought that up again. In the end, there was no proof that she was involved in either killing. Spalding named Myrtle as the one responsible for his cut out tongue. Which in an odd way was correct. She cast a spell for him to tell the truth back in 1971 and he cut off his tongue to protect Fiona because he loved her.

Queenie died from her injuries, but Fiona breathed into her face and she was alive again. Madame LaLaurie was thankful that Queenie saved her life.

Zoe found Kyle hitting his head against the tub. While making him food, she found rat poison. When she went to feed him, Kyle was gone and among the trick-or-treaters.

Cordelia's husband was out of town for work and met up with another woman. They had sex, some soup, and he shot her in the head.

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American Horror Story Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

The truce is over.

Marie Laveau

She would have made a lousy Supreme and that's something this Coven can't afford at this moment in history. It's my duty to stay vital.