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Cordelia hopes her second sight will return so she can find Misty. It doesn't work to touch any of Misty's belongings. Cordelia wants to test whether her power has returned by touching Madison, but the young witch avoids her at first. When Cordelia touches Madison, she doesn't see anything. Later, her mother gives her a necklace that belonged to her grandmother. She touches it and has a vision of all the Coven witches dead and Fiona taking back the necklace. Cordelia realizes her mother's plan and tries to stop her.

Queenie looks for Marie Laveau, but doesn't find her. Papa Legbo visits her and tells her Marie has been dismembered and spread around town. Queenie then tracks down Delphine who is re-writing her own history by giving tours at her historic home. Delphine has the tour guide trapped up in the attic. Queenie attacks Delphine.

Cordelia visits the Axeman and tells him that Fiona is going to leave without him. He doesn't believe her at first. After getting her portrait painted, Fiona visits the Axeman. He finds the paper that proves she's leaving without him. She tells him she doesn't know how to love. He kills her.

Cordelia figures out where Misty was buried and takes Queenie to free her. Misty's not alive, but Queenie is able to bring her back. They return to the Academy. 

Zoe and Kyle also return to the Academy from Florida after Kyle killed a man and Zoe had to revive him.

Papa Legbo has Marie Laveau and Delphine locked in their own personal hell together in Delphine's attic.

Misty attacks Madison for burying her alive. Their fight is interrupted when the Axeman shows up. Kyle attacks him and the witches finish off the Axeman together.

With Fiona dead, Cordelia calls for the Seven Wonders trials to take place on Sunday. Everyone will attempt them in order to declare the next Supreme.

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