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Queenie kills a man for Marie Laveau and takes his heart for her. Marie needs a dark heart for a spell she's cooking up to fght against the Coven. Queenie gets a burger for Delphine which upsets Marie. When Delphine spews out a bunch of hate, she cuts off Delphine's hand.

Misty gets woken up by a resurrected Myrtle. A man with a gun was in her garden. Misty and Myrtle go to the Academy for protection. When Cordelia touches Misty, she sees her burning and resurrection and offers her sanctuary. When Cordelia finds out Myrtle is alive, she's thrilled.

The Coven gets together to perform the Sacred Taking and try to convince Fiona to kill herself to complete the ritual. Madison and Myrtle both show themselves and convince her that Madison is the new Supreme. Spalding shows himself and saves Fiona. The Supreme promises him that she will get revenge for his death.

Nan is upset that no one thinks she can be the next Supreme and visits the boy next door. He was punished by his mother for going next door. A rifle shoots and kills his mother as he tries to leave. He gets shot too. Nan goes with him to the hospital. The witches were the target. Fiona has Misty bring the mother back to life.

Fiona tells her daughter that she's proud of her. They realize they were the target due to blessed silver bullets being used. The agree to work together to protect the coven.

They receive a box. It contains Delphine's severed head.

American Horror Story
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