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Gloria Mott visits with a therapist about Dandy Mott's behavior on American Horror Story: Freak Show Season 4 Episode 8. She believes his behavior will continue to escalate after the loss of the Tattler sisters. 

Dora's daughter, Regina, shows up to talk to her mother and Gloria spins a tale about her absence.

Members of the camp go searching for Ma Petite and find only her dress. Elsa breaks down over the loss, but Ethel grows suspicious. When she confronts Elsa about her suspicions, Elsa slaps her. Later, Ethel learns Elsa's secret. In order to protect her life and her secret, Elsa takes drastic measures.

Elsa enlists Stanley's help in covering up the crime. Jimmy eulogizes his mother and leans on Maggie for support. Desiree and Amazon Eve vow to get revenge on Penny's father for the mutilation she suffered for daring to live her own life.

Dandy visits Gloria's psychiatrist and reveals disturbing information about himself while there. He says he won't go back unless Gloria kills Regina, but she doesn't get a chance.

With the absence of both Ma Petite and Ethel from her freak show, Elsa must find new talent. 

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American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

[to Elsa] The most precious one to you is the roar of the crowd, and God forbid someone comes along and steals your spotlight.


[to Elsa] Thought you'd be hot as a Limehouse whore by now.