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On the season finale (American Horror Story: Freak Show Season 4 Episode 13) the freaks prepare for Dandy to take over as leader of the Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities. Paul tells the freaks they have nowhere else to go and then delivers the news to Dandy that they haven't sold any tickets yet. Dandy blames the freaks and then begins insulting them.

When he begins getting rough with Penny, Amazon Eve punches him in the face and Paul tells him he isn't special. Paul, Penny, Amazon Eve, and some others quit on the spot just as Twisty's music begins to play.

Elsa arrives in Hollywood and demands to meet with the head of the World Broadcasting Network. Having gone to Hollywood without an agent, she has trouble getting him to see her and spends her days waiting in the lobby of his studio. She eventually meets the junior vice president of casting and learns they share a German heritage.

Dandy walks through the camp shooting the freaks and leaving them to lay in the dirt. He makes his way to Desiree's trailer where Amazon Eve meets up with him. She fights him off long enough for Desiree to escape. He has saved the Tattler sisters for last and decides that instead of killing them he'll offer them the chance to leave with him.

Jimmy returns to camp to find it empty. He goes looking for Elsa and finds her tent is abandoned, then he stumbles into the tent to find the bodies of his dead friends piled up in front of the stage. Jimmy, Desiree, and the Tattler sisters are the only survivors, but the sisters are nowhere to be found. They have gone to live with Dandy.

But they haven't just gone to live with Dandy. Bette has agreed to marry him. Dot tells him that she plans to give them their privacy when they consummate their marriage. But first, a wedding feast.

Bette and Dot have hired Desiree to be their maid and cook and Jimmy to be their butler. They all poison him in order to carry out their plans to retaliate for his massacre.

While he's locked inside a water tank from which he must escape, he begs Dot and Bette to let him out and take him home. Bette tells him she hates him. As the water starts pouring into the tank, Dandy offers them money which Jimmy refuses. They sit by and watch as Dandy drowns.

In 1960, Elsa Mars gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame who has won three Emmys and released three German records after marrying Michael Beck, the man who helped her that day in the lobby. After she yells at the writers about a commercial, a network higher up comes in to talk to her about a Halloween special which she refuses to record. 

Massimo comes to visit her in California. When he remarks that she has everything she's ever wanted, she says she's bored with friends who are only nice because they're on her payroll. She believes that she is cursed to a life of unhappiness. She proposes that she and Massimo run away together, but he tells her he has come to say goodbye. He is dying. 

That night, Mr. Gable, the network executive, comes to her home and says that they've been given copies of her snuff films from before the war. He has also learned about her freak show and breaks the news that they were all killed in a massacre. She agrees to perform on Halloween, which will summon the spirit of Edward Mordrake. 

While Elsa sings, Desiree and her husband, the man she met while married to Dell, and their two children walk down a street and see her on the TV.

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American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Do bear in mind, Dot. I can get very nasty if my manhood is compromised. A stallion demands a certain respect from all his mares.


[to Dandy] You think you're special? Your mum probably told you all your life. Well I've got news for you. I've heard you sing and you're not special. You're rubbish. Even worse, you're boring. We don't trade in boring, we're freaks. And you'll never be one of us.