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Michael Chiklis makes his American Horror Story debut this week, while a citywide curfew threatens the Freak Show in general.

There is news that the town of Jupiter has missing children and a detective. As Jimmy Darling is listening, the police drive up.

The police decide to instigate a curfew, effectively shutting down the show.

The fellow who was just at the diner arrives back at the show with coffee, looking for Mr. Hanley. A little robotic toy is walking across the floor leaving a trail of blood.

The fellow walks right past the Cray Cray Clown who is standing with the other, fake clowns. Mr. Hanley's head is on display and the Clown slices the fellow through the throat.

Jimmy and two others dig up the policeman's body so they can burn it.

The strange Mott family argues about the boredom of Dandy's life before he stomps off in search of real carmel corn. The maid says she found body parts in the shed and the neighbors are looking for their cat.

Ethel hunts down Bette and Dot because it's time for them to sing for their supper. As she's chatting with them, the strong man, Dell Toledo, pulls up with Desiree Dupree.

As Elsa notes theirs is a true love story, we flash back three weeks to Desiree having sex with someone, and Dell pulling a gun on him.

Desiree reveals her "assets."

Dell will sign whatever contract Elsa awards them. He agrees to be their barker. Hell, he'll even howl if she likes.

Gloria happens upon the clown in the road. She offers to pay him handsomely to cheer up her son.

Dandy goes to the freak show and talks to Jimmy. He wants to be a part of the show.

Jimmy tells him to thank God for having two good hands with which he can touch girls without scaring them and to scram. Dandy proceeds to bash his head against the steering wheel.

The maid has prepared an elaborate salmon dish for Miss Mott, but she hears Dandy come in and she presents him with his very own clown to do with with whatever he wants.

Ethel is waiting for Desiree to skedaddle so she can talk with Dell.

Jimmy's daddy is Dell? Ethel is surprised to hear Dell's been put in charge of the entire event. He's full of bravado, but when she leaves, he seems genuinely sad.

When Bette proves to be tone deaf, Jimmy suggests Dot try singing, just to him. Bette is shocked to learn her sister can sing, as are the others. Elsa seems angry.

Elsa is even angrier when Dell suggests a matinee. She puts her foot down but Dell assures her there will be asses in the seats at 3PM tomorrow.

Dandy does a puppet show with the clown.

Dandy want the Clown to earn his keep and suggests he find a toy to prove himself. Dandy then opens the bag and the Clown clubs him in the back of the head. Dandy follows him into the woods.

Jimmy goes back to the diner and takes friends with the hope of proving they're normal people. Jimmy reminds everyone to mind their manners, but the other patrons are upset.

Pepper is having the meat loaf. Everyone is excited until Dell shows up. He wants people to pay for the show. Jimmy gets a little heated when Dell calls them freaks and the two fight outside the restaurant.

In the school bus, Bonnie has something prepared so she can Daniel Boone can escape. As they are approached by the Clown, neither expect him to produce a toy -- the little robot from the shop. He even pretends he's the robot while the captives look on in stunned silence. When he lifts the head from the bag, Bonnie beats him over the neck and his mask falls off. WTF?

They would have made it out, but Dandy finds the girl and returns her to the Clown.

Jimmy reveals to Elsa that he took care of the Detective. But that's nothing compared to where he has her billed... at the very bottom with the "geek" Meep who rips heads off live birds with his mouth.

Dot and Bette open the show with "Criminal" by Fiona Apple. The crowd goes wild and a most pit forms. Elsa gives Jimmy the OK for something. Bette is lost and shocked her sister is such a star, as is Elsa.

Another appearance by the cops, this time to arrest someone. Jimmy has planted the badge in Dell's tent, but Dell isn't stupid. He put it in Meep's trailer. Meep is taken away.. meep meep meep.

One night in the tank and he'll name names, the police say. But the other criminals seem to have plans for Meep. He screams Nay nay nay nay.

Else approaches Bette. She gives her a pep talk that includes a weapon to ensure Dot doesn't take what she has.

Jimmy is drinking, upset that they took Meep who didn't do anything. He tells Ethel he just wanted to get Dell out of there. He wants to tell the police everything to save Meep. Ethel doesn't understand. As he walks outside, the cops pull up. They toss Meep out of the truck in a rug.

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American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

They don't even know us. If they just got to know us, they would see we're just like them. No better, no worse. Just regular people. That's what we gotta do. Let 'em know us.


I'm sorry I snapped. I never killed nobody before. What if he has a family, couple kids, wondering where he is? I know what it's like growing up without a father.