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On American Horror Story: Freak Show Season 4 Episode 5 Stanley reveals his plan to kill the freaks so that he and Maggie can sell them to the museum. Maggie triest to tell Jimmy to leave the freak show, and when he tries to kiss her, she dodges his advance. 

Dell is nowhere to be found, and when Jimmy knocks to tell Desiree to get ready for the show, they realize she's bleeding. Ethel takes her to the hospital while Elsa performs in front of a sold out crowd only to be booed off the stage. She asks Stanley to tell her more about television.

At the doctor, Desiree and Ethel learn that Desiree is not part male and she is capable of having a baby with Dell if she chooses. Dell, however, is in love with a man he met in town. When he returns to camp, Desiree tells him she's leaving.

Stanley takes the Tattler Twins out for a picnic wooing them with the promise of their own television show. He plans to feed them poison cupcakes but Dot refuses on the grounds that they have to watch their figure.

Gloria Mott helps Dandy cover up his crimes by burying the maid under a flower bed in the back yard. Because his mother will not let him be an actor, he decides to be a murderer instead. He picks up a man at the bar Dell frequents and takes him to Twisty's van for the evening.

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