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As American Horror Story: Hotel Season 5 Episode 11 begins, Liz and Iris prepare to attack the Countess, guns blazing. They open fire on her, but Donovan steps in front of her to protect his lover. Iris stops shooting and refuses to leave her son who begs his mother to get him outside before he dies. 

Hypodermic Sally removes the bullets from the Countess in the basement beside all of the dead bodies from the laundry chute. Sally sews the Countess up and begs her not to leave the Hotel Cortez. She goes on to tell the Countess how she came to dwell inside the hotel. 

In 1993, she was partying with musicians, having hopes of becoming a songwriter. During a tryst in the hotel, her companions overdosed and she was forced to lay beside their dead bodies for five days until she finally managed to disentangle herself from their corpses. During those five days, the monster tortured her. The Hotel became her spot until she eventually died there and became stuck.

Since John has gone home with his wife and their children, Sally wants the Countess to bring him back to the hotel and kill him so that Sally can have him forever. The Countess learns that Donovan is dead when she asks for him so that she can feed off of him in order to heal.

John and Alex return home with Scarlett and Holden. Scarlett learns it's been a long time since her family was home and wonders how they'll hide the fact that Holden hasn't aged from their family. John decides it will be their little secret and advises Scarlett not to tell anyone.

Sally brings the remaining children to the Countess for a blood transfusion, but she doesn't want to take blood from them knowing doing so will probably kill them. 

Liz cremates Donovan for Iris and hands her his ashes in a coffee can. While she talks to his ashes, the Countess recovers thanks to the blood of her children. Iris calls in Miss Evers to clean up Donovan's ashes after she scatters them all over her hotel room.

To help them fight the Countess, Liz decides they need to resurrect Ramona. She's the only person who might want to see the Countess dead as badly as they both do. Before they find Ramona, they find the remains of the school children and Will Drake. When they do encounter Ramona, she demands to feed on a human.

As they get off the elevator, they find Queenie checking into the Hotel Cortez. Liz recognizes her as a witch. Queenie senses the bad vibes in her room and when Ramona tries to feed on her, Queenie fights back. At least until James March stabs her. There's nowhere for Queenie's magic to go, so Ramona is able to feed.

John returns from the grocery store with dinner for Alex and Holden in his trunk, but his family is gone. He finds a key to the hotel Cortez hanging from a lamp and knows something is wrong. He goes to the hotel ready to fight but finds Sally waiting in Room 64. She leads him to believe James March took his family until John delivers one final kill.

Ramona suits up to battle the Countess and the Countess enters her suite for the first time after losing Donovan. The Countess senses her presence and the two women begin to talk. The Countess ends up apologizing and offering Ramona the hotel in exchange for sex and the opportunity to leave. The Countess doesn't want to stay in the hotel any longer.

John shoots her just as she's about to get on an elevator and delivers her head to James March to complete the tableau. Sally tries to kill John so he'll be hers forever, but March stops her because he wants John for more murders. John just wants his family.

The Countess shows up for dinner with James where he learns it was actually Miss Evers who turned him into the police. She wanted James for herself and expected the Countess would leave once March was dead. She begs him to love her and he banishes her from his presence.

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American Horror Story Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Donovan: Am I...am I safe?
Iris: Yes. Yes, baby. You're safe.
Donovan: Mom.

I'm not letting a red-dotted blood-whore freak take up another second of my time. This is my vacation!