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A videotaped Paleyfest panel opens the finale, as we see the cast and crew of "My Roanoke Nightmare" enjoying their adoring fandom. Sidney hints at the possibility of a follow up season to the show. A woman, who feels badly for the flack Lee has gotten, presents her with a drawing of Lee and Flora. This same woman, in a flashforward to the year after "My Roanoke Nightmare" ended, appears on a YouTube video discussing how exploitative and crass "Return to Roanoke" was and how sad it is that Lee is on trial for murder. In a separate YouTube video, Lot Polk, with a gun, makes death threats against Lee.

In a show-within-a-show called "Crack'd," we see a discussion of Lee's history and what happened to Lee between "Return to Roanoke" and the present day. She is put on trial for the murders that happened during the follow-up season, but was acquitted based on emotional/mental duress (thanks to the Polks torture) and not being in the right state of mind thanks to the Polks' "magic pot" that was hallucinogenic.

The district attorney who always suspected Lee of Mason's death then drives forward then case against Lee in Mason's death. Lee is also acquitted of that murder after her attorney casts doubt on Flora's eyewitness testimony and the taped murder confession that Lee gave Jether. After the trial, Flora refuses to speak to Lee and goes to live with Mason's parents.

Lee agrees to a live interview with Lana Winters (who has come out of retirement specifically for this) on "The Lana Winters Special." They discuss how Lee is about to start a custody trial in order to win back custody of Flora. Midway through the interview, Lana asks Lee where Flora is -- she reveals that Flora was reported missing just before the broadcast began. Lee panics, having no idea where Flora is. The interview is interrupted by Lot Polk arriving, brandishing an assault weapon and threatening to kill Lee. Lana attempts to talk him down, but he knocks her out cold. Before killing Lee, Lot is gunned down by police.

Another show "Spirit Chasers" finds a team of paranormal investigators breaking into the Roanoke house during the bloodmoon in order to investigate the alleged occurrences that took place there. They're joined by Ashley Gilbert, who played Cricket Marlowe in "My Roanoke Nightmare," and they set up infrared cameras everywhere. As the chasers are exploring the house, they run into Lee in the house. Lee has returned there searching for Flora, having seen Priscilla entering the house. Lee warns the Spirit Chasers to leave, but they insist on staying to help her find Flora.

As they're looking, the spirits appear, killing the group one by one. The Pig Man kills Ashley, one of the Chens kills one of the Chasers, and the remaining members of the group are killed by the Butcher and the settlers, as are two cops that show up on the property.

Lee finally finds Flora in the house. All night, Lee remains in the house with Flora, resulting in a hostage situation with the police surrounding the house. Flora tells Lee that she intends to stay at the Roanoke house and become a ghost, like Priscilla, so she can protect her from the Butcher. Lee refuses to allow Flora to remain behind, wanting her to live her life. Lee offers to stay behind and look after Priscilla in place of Flora, dying and becoming a ghost to protect Priscilla.

Flora and Lee burn the house down with a gas leak. Flora leaves the house, alive, and is retrieved by the police. Lee puts the gun in Priscilla's hand, allowing Priscilla to kill her. As Flora is driven away from the burning house, she looks back to see the ghosts of Priscilla and Lee watching her. Meanwhile, the Butcher and settlers approach the burning house with their torches.

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Well, they did die, didn't they? Now they want to put Lee on trial for murder. I mean, why'd you have to go back, Lee? Why?

Lee's Fan

Audience Member: We love you, Shelby!
Shelby: Oh, thank you. That's really sweet.
Audrey: Are you sure it's not me you love?