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Sidney, the producer of the hit series "My Roanoke Nightmare" returns to pitch his follow up series to the network execs who ran the first. He explains that he wants to bring the Miller family as well as the actors who played parts in the re-enactments back to the Roanoke house, where they will be filmed 24/7 in a reality TV Big Brother sort of format.

The network execs agree, but counter that the main complain from "My Roanoke Nightmare" was that Mason's murder was unresolved and many believe that Lee killed him. Sid explains that he hopes to expose Lee as a murderer in the new show, "Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell."

Sid, accompanied by his colleague Diana, meets with the actors and the Millers to get them to agree to rejoin the series. Shelby agrees on the condition that Matt also returns and that the actor who played Matt does not -- she and Matt separated after she cheated on him with Dominic, the actor who played him. Sid agrees but secretly conspires to have Dominic show up anyway.

Production visits Agnes, the woman who played the Butcher, in the mental health facility where she's been housed since she had a nervous breakdown and was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder after "My Roanoke Nightmare" wrapped. Agnes truly believes that she is the Butcher. Sid serves her a restraining order, ordering her to stay away from the new show, but secretly hoping that she can find a way to get to the Roanoke house to up the drama.

We also meet Audrey, the British actress who played Shelby in the re-enactment. We find out that Audrey married Rory, the actor who played Edward Mott in the re-enactment, after they met on the set of "My Roanoke Nightmare."

Lee agrees to return to the show, despite the fact that many people believe she is a murderer. The producers suggest that Lee benefited from the show, having gotten a huge book deal, but Lee counters that her ex mother-in-law is suing her for custody of Flora. She intends to clear her name on the new show.

On "set" at the Roanoke house, the crew works to rig "scares," so they can frighten the occupants with apparent signs of haunting. Diana grows increasingly uneasy, especially after a circle of fetal pigs is mysteriously discovered on the grounds near a tree. Eventually, a worker dies in a horrific accident, though Diana tries to convince Sid it wasn't an accident and that something more nefarious is going on.

Sid refuses to shut down production, so Diana angrily takes off in a car and leaves. While she's recording herself explaining what she things is going on at the house, she spots a creepy ghost woman on the road and is then attacked by the Pig Man, who appears in her backseat. A text card reveals that Diana vanished and was never recovered.

The occupants move into the house. Audrey and Rory move in first, claiming the best room. Agnes attacks the house and runs away.

Shelby attempts to talk to Matt to get him to warm up to her. Lee tries to keep Shelby away from her brother. Shelby suggests that she and Matt run off together and leave the house behind, but things quickly go south with Dominic, the actor who played Matt and with whom Shelby cheated, shows up at the house unexpectedly. Matt attacks Dominic.

A conversation between the actors reveals that none of them believe the Millers' story to have been true and that Sid doesn't believe it either. They're all aware that Sid will have rigged the house in an attempt to scare them, to catch drama for the cameras. Matt tells the actors that it is currently the Blood Moon, insinuating that the reason the actors didn't experience anything supernatural while filming the "My Roanoke Nightmare" re-enactments because it was in the summer, not when the Blood Moon arose.

Lee and the actress who played her speak. It is revealed that the actress who played Lee became an alcoholic -- she blames it on having gotten inside Lee's head while playing her. She believes Lee to be a murderer as well.

Audrey goes to take a shower that night and is startled by a creature attacking her. She runs downstairs in tears, convinced it is Sid having sent someone to frighten her. Rory goes upstairs to investigate and is killed by the nurse ghosts. Elsewhere in the house, Matt spots the word MURDER spray-painted on the wall, the R for Rory having completed it.

Matt returns to the rest of the group and tells them that R is for Rory, signifying his awareness that Rory has been killed by the ghosts.

A title card reveals that what we are watching is actually found footage -- "Return to Roanoke: 3 Days in Hell" never actually aired, because all but one of the people in the house died under mysterious circumstances, within the first three days of shooting.

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American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

Sid: "Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell." I'm gonna bring everybody who lived in that house, and the actors who played them on the show, and put them together in that house again. Only this time, hidden cameras recording everything.

The camera never stops, no matter what anybody says. Even if I tell you to stop, keep rolling. You got it?

Sid [to cameraman]