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Agnes, dressed and acting as the Butcher, appears at the trailer on the Roanoke property where Sidney and his crew are watching the footage. The cameraman spots Rory being stabbed on camera, but before they can review it, they're interrupted. Alissa steps outside and is cut down by Agnes. When Sidney and the cameraman hear Alissa scream, they step outside as well, finding her dead. Before they can react, Agnes kills them both.

After Rory disappears, the group searches for him. They find a large pool of blood but no body. Audrey guesses that Rory got a better offer from Brad Pitt and arranged with Sidney to fake a gory "death" in order to leave. Privately, Audrey frets about their marriage being over, because of their age difference.

Dominic decides to hit on Shelby and play up his attraction to her in order to stir up drama for Sidney, who hooked him up with a body camera. Matt coldly tells them both he could care less. Shelby is still insistent on reuniting with Matt.

As Shelby cries in her room over Matt, Agnes appears and attacks her with the butcher knife, injuring her shoulder badly. In the knick of time, Dominic tackles Agnes and saves Shelby. Agnes vanishes as Dominic is attending to a hysterical Shelby. The others patch up a badly bleeding Shelby. Lee discovers that all of the phone lines were cut. The group wonders why Sidney hasn't sent an ambulance.

Lee, Monet, and Audrey decide to attempt to find the production truck by sneaking out of the house through the tunnels. Lee reveals that she's brought a gun which she intends to use against Agnes if they encounter her. In the tunnels, the group run into the Pig Man. He's undeterred by Lee shooting him and the group narrowly escapes outside, searching through the woods for Sidney.

Matt waits on Shelby. He confesses to her that he hasn't felt human for the two years since they left the Roanoke house. He feels he didn't have a choice but to come back. Shelby tries to convince him that they can recover what they lost.

By nightfall, the group finds the dead bodies of Sidney and the crew by the truck. They find no phones or laptops and the car is completely dead. Agnes appears out of the woods to attack them, but is shot by Lee. Lee believes that the group should push on to town, while Monet feels uncomfortable under the Blood Moon and wants to make her way back to the house. The group has a near miss with the torch-carrying Roanoke ghosts.

As Lee, Audrey, and Monet are huddling in the woods, Audrey records a goodbye video to Rory but is interrupted by blood dripping down on her. They look up to find Rory mutilated and hanging from the tree above them. Lee insists on having everyone film everything. Audrey becomes hysterical but Lee forces her and Monet to run and hide from the people approaching them. The Polks sneak up, cattle prodding the women and capturing them.

In the cellar, Agnes removes the bullet from her wound while recording herself.

In the middle of the night, while Shelby is sleeping, Matt walks into the basement in a trance-like state to copulate with Scathach. Dominic follows him and brings Shelby downstairs to see what is happening. Shelby interrupts their copulation, hitting Scathach with a crowbar to get her off of Matt. Matt tells Shelby that he's in love with Scathach and came back for her. In a blind rage, Shelby crushes Matt's head with the crowbar, killing him. Dominic pulls her off.

In the Polks' lair, Mama Polk and her sons rub peanut oil and seasoning on Lee's leg, intending to "tenderize" the meat so that they can eat her leg.

Dominic attempts to calm Shelby down. He tries to convince her to turn herself into the police because there are cameras everywhere. Dominic spots Agnes outside the house.

The Polks terrorize a tied up Monet and Audrey, forcing them to eat pieces of Lee's leg.

As Shelby and Dominc watch, the real Roanoke ghosts approach as Agnes is shouting up at them. At first, Agnes thinks that her "brethren" are there to assist her, but the real Butcher appears and kills Agnes swiftly.

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