On American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 13, Dandy Mott assumes control of the camp and the freaks rebel against his leadership.

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Dandy Mott is a crazy man who gets what he deserves on American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 13. He's legit crazy and doesn't deserve good things to happen to him. Watch American Horror Story online now to see how he gets his just desserts. It's actually quite spectacular. First he thought he was going to live happily ever after with Bette Tattler as his bride and then he learned that just wasn't going to be the case. She and Dot had teamed up with Desiree and Jimmy to take him down. They put him in an escape tank and told him he'd have to figure out how to get out on his own. He couldn't and he drowned. Elsa became a big Hollywood star but she was totally unhappy even with all the money and fame she could imagine. Massimo told her he was dying of lung cancer which had metastasized to his bones and then she found out that the network learned about the snuff films she did that cost her her legs. Mr. Gable told her the freaks all died and she decided to give her soul over to Edward Mordrake.

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On American Horror Story: Freak Show Season 4 Episode 13, Dandy prepares for his premiere performance while the freaks rebel on the season finale.

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American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Do bear in mind, Dot. I can get very nasty if my manhood is compromised. A stallion demands a certain respect from all his mares.


[to Dandy] You think you're special? Your mum probably told you all your life. Well I've got news for you. I've heard you sing and you're not special. You're rubbish. Even worse, you're boring. We don't trade in boring, we're freaks. And you'll never be one of us.