Watch American Horror Story online now to learn Maggie and Stanley's plan to kill the freaks in order to sell them to a museum.

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Stanley reveals his plan to kill the freaks in order to sell them to a museum. Maggie says she won't go along with killing anyone. Watch American Horror Story online to see if she changes her tune after Jimmy tried to kiss her.

After being rebuffed by Maggie, Jimmy goes to Desiree's caravan and there the two learn that she's bleeding. Ethel rushes Desiree to the doctor where she gets some shocking news about her anatomy. She returns home to wait for Dell and when he finally shows up, she tells him she's leaving so that she can have a normal life.

Dell harbors a great secret and threatens the doctor in order to keep Desiree around.

Stanley sets his sights on the Tattler twins knowing they will fetch the highest dollar amount at the museum. Elsa's jealousy of their fame and notoriety grows and she lures them away from camp with the promise of a new dress.

Gloria Mott helps her son, Dandy, clean up his mess by burying the maid in their back yard. Gloria gets a phone call from the maid's daughter, Regina, and turns around to see Dandy standing behind her covered in blood. He has struck again.

Episode Details

On American Horror Story: Freak Show Season 4 Episode 5, Maggie and Stanley plan to murder the Freaks while Desiree suffers a health scare.

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American Horror Story
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