Watch American Horror Story online to see how Elsa Mars saves herself--again--when the freaks learn the truth about Ethel's death.

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The freaks learn the truth about Ethel's death on American Horrror Story Season 4 Episode 12. Watch American Horror Story online now to find out how they realized Elsa killed Ethel and then made it look like a suicide. The bodies continue to pile up on this season of AHS as Maggie loses her life to Chester Creb's insanity. The freaks turn Spencer into Meep 2.0, which is sort of weird. Elsa contacts the man who made her legs and asks him to come and make hands for Jimmy. When Amazon Eve tells Jimmy this is his chance to live a normal life, he has a change of heart about the new hands and asks the doctor to carve new claws. Elsa gets word that the freaks are coming for her and sells the show to Dandy Mott, who had stopped by earlier in the evening to give Bette and Dot Tattler news about Chester Creb's history. He had a complete nervous breakdown after killing Maggie and stabbed his doll repeateldy. Then he walked into a police station covered in blood and handed over a wrapped bundle declaring "I killed her." Imagine the officer's shock to find a mutilated puppet inside the rags.

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On American Horror Story: Freak Show Season 4 Episode 12, the twins learn upsetting information about Chester while Maggie tries to prove her loyalty to Jimmy.

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American Horror Story
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American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Mother always told me, never argue with a woman when she's angry.


Paul: What do we do now?
Desiree: Steal her jewelry. And bury the bitch.