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Bonnie wakes up to Steve in the kitchen making chocolate chip pancakes. He's happy and wants to take the family to the country club for dinner.

Bonnie is a bit confused and overwhelmed.

Kathleen wakes up with Greg behind her in bed saying the night before was pretty unexpected. He wants them to be together. He says all the right things and even has an engagement ring.

At tennis, Kathleen stretches unduly because she's trying to show off her ring. She says marriage is all about sacrifices. Greg is giving up men, and she's giving up onion bagels and Mexican food.

Diana gets an office with a window.

Kathleen is worried about Greg having lunch with an old friend at Columbia so he asks her to join. No, she's OK.

Diana discovers while she has a seat at the table, her voice isn't necessarily being heard.

Kathleen tries writing new name before entering Greg's office to have a look around. She sees many photos of him with men in frames and finds a gay magazine in his desk drawer.

At the country club, friends are excited to see Bonnie and Steve "back together," but she's feeling walled in by her old life.

The woman they sat with at dinner is condescending and rude. Don't you want to look at impeccably dressed as your mother? If you did, I bet you'd have a boyfriend. That's just rude.

Kathleen spills her pills on the bed when taking them, and it looks like she's ODed. When Diana arrives, she's very concerned. 

The moment Steve leaves, Bonnie pours herself a giant glass of wine. She's called by Diana to rush over to Kathleen's. Bonnie has to force her fingers down Kathleen's throat.

Kathleen is worried the kind of man she wants to marry is exactly the kind of man Greg wants, too.

The next morning, Steve arrives with news that he left Masha. He's angry that she's been trying for a few days. Finally, he tells her not to come crawling back to him when it all falls apart.

At work, Diana demands to be heard and Mr. Bishop wants to hear what she has to say.

Bonnie tells the girls she and Steve are getting divorced. She also admits they're going to have to move out of their groovy house. The girls are OK with it.

Kathleen breaks off her short engagement so Greg and she can both allow themselves to find a handsome man that's a cross between Paul Newman and Robert Redford.

Diana gets a call from her doctor that she's pregnant.

Kathleen meets a new guy at the club who likes Mexican food.

Bonnie goes back to the May Company whether Randall likes it or not. She assures Randall she'll upsell a dress in under five minutes. It's not the best job in the world, but she's good at it.


American Woman
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American Woman Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Kathleen: So, did your brand new job come with a brand new raise?
Diana: Only if I come with a brand new penis.

Diana: When did you start taking valium?
Kathleen: [slurring] Since I started getting stressed out.