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Bonnie has finally told her girlfriends about Adam, and admits she and Steven are in a better place now. They aren't listening. Kathleen is upset about Greg, popping pills. Kathleen is angry at Diana because she told the truth. She wants a little understanding and leaves the restaurant before they eat. Diana follows after assuring Bonnie nothing is going on and she's fine.

Steve calls Bonnie with news the judge accepted a plea bargain. He's back at the office with his feet on the ground. He's in the game again. If there's anything she needs, just let him know. But, no, he can't pay the mortgage because he's financially strapped.

He'd like to take the girls out for dinner tonight, though. Maybe Bonnie will join? No.

Kathleen wants a whole new look in her house, and she has no budget. She doesn't want to see a single thing in there that reminds her of her old life.

Bonnie is looking at a uterus on the wall of her doctor's office. The doctor has a message for Steve about golf. Then he drops some bad news on her.

Kathleen goes to visit Alan at his office. She wonders if Greg was "like this" when they were in New York together and asks if Alan loves him.

Kathleen says Greg warned her Alan was a bad person and he doesn't get to rewrite the rules to fit his needs.

At home, Bonnie is looking through the baby albums.

Becca doesn't want to go to the dinner with her dad. The three of the girls start looking at the album before Steve arrives.

Diana gets back from lunch to a congratulatory party for Jeff who was promoted while she took a break. The other women in the office took up a collection for her, though, because they consider her an inspiration. that has to be the nicest thing ever.

Diana breaks down when she gets home, and her mom sounds sincerely concerned about why she didn't get the job. Peggy consoles her daughter in the only way she knows how.

Kathleen is at the grocery store and asks a man if he's homosexual. She's reaching out to see if there is anything she can do about Greg. The man ultimately treats her nicely, but given the circumstances, it's surprising.

Outside the grocery store, Kathleen uses the pay phone to call her daddy. She lies about things with Greg.

Diana is at her haunt again and meets a guy who who is into astrology. She tells him the stars just lined up for him when he says he lives right around the block.

Kathleen gets into the car and spills her pills all over the car. She slams her car into reverse and then into another car because she wasn't looking at where she was going. On a billboard behind her is an est sign.

The girls and Steve get home with Jessica excited about eating French fries with mayonaise like they do in France.

Bonnie is drinking and Steve asks to join her. He wants to know what's up with her. Bonnie shares that the doctor said she can't have any more children due to secondary infertility.

The only good news is that since she can't get pregnant, she can have as much sex as she wants.

Jack is the name of the little boy Bonnie always wanted to have that she'll never have now.

diana is directing her new friend what to do. He gets to do nothing on her own. She's having fun until Thomas' wife, Amy, and their child walk into his apartment. Awkward.

Diana arrives home to an ambulance taking away her mother. At the hospital Diana learns Peggy had a heart attack. Her blook pressure is a little higher than the doctor would like, but she's OK.

Diana has been telling her mom that she's been working late.

Bonnie sees babies in the hospital and her heart swells.

Diana gets to work the next day and Mr. Bishop is a smart ass. She gives him a bottle of boose for the day he promotes her because she's going to make it impossible for him to overlook her again despite the mistakes she's made lately. Then she returns to get her fan.

American Woman
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American Woman Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Ladies, I'd like to propose a toast. To Jeff! The only man for the job.


Doctor: Will you tell Steve I would love to get a round of golf in at the club when he's got the time?
Bonnie: Steve and I split up.
Doctor: I didn't know that. Getting back on birth control would not be wise, considering your situation.
Bonnie: My situation is my business, and the state of California agrees with me.
Doctor: I'm not talking about that, Mrs. Nolan, I'm talking about your examination. I'm afraid I have some bad news.