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Bonnie discovers life isn't fair in many ways when her mortgage is late, Adam wants her move in to solve that problem, but she can't due to responsibilities.

She tops it off by losing her job for grass stains on the wedding dress.

Kathleen is ready to kick it into gear at the office without Greg, but she doesn't quite know what she's doing. I smell a partnership.

Bonnie delivers her mortgage check to Diana while also telling her she can't cash it. At 45 days overdue, Diana apologizes, as well just as Mr. Bishop asks for a word. He must think she's going to protect her friend.

She offers to keep the check until 5 to give Bonnie the weekend to gather the money.

Mr. Bishop wants Diana to cover for Jeff for the incorrect Loan Estimate reports he submitted. Jeff has plans with his family over the weekend.

Kathleen tries casting someone for Police Woman.

Bonnie takes Jessica in for a job and wants Kathleen to cast her in the role of a teenage prostitute.

Diana finds something in common with Mr. Bishop and a moment of compassion goes terribly awry.

Kathleen gets the job not only of the prostitute, but of casting the whole season even with the crazy casting mom interruption.

Mr. Bishop visits Diana to apologize for what happened earlier and to promote her to Senior Loan Officer. He's firing Jeff. He should have done it a lot earlier.

Kathleen goes to see Greg. Are they going to continue working together?

Bonnie and Steve have breakup sex. Once he said he wanted to do the right thing, the spark in her eye appeared. Uh oh.

American Woman
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American Woman Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Bonnie: Please! I really need this job.
Mister: And brides need white wedding dresses, and thanks to you, ours went elsewhere to get hers.

Bonnie: You get to eat mushrooms all day and paint in your underwear!
Adam: That's not fair.
Bonnie: A lot of things aren't fair.