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The boys steal a safe from a brewery, but when they open it there are only a few hundred dollars in it..

Smurf is cutting apple cake for the boys. They tell her about the job. She's drunk and arguing with them. She leaves in a huff to pick up Lena from school.

After she leaves, Deran talks about leaving Smurf. Pope suggests walking. He's angry at Smurf as well. J suggests that she's upset and Pope gets in his face. Baz tries to cool everyone down. 

Pope doesn't agree to Baz's compromise and takes off. Deran and Craig take off. J goes in the house. Baz leaves.

Darren is at a bar and hands off 34 grand to a woman, but he's short. He's got to give her 50 grand but needs more time. 

Smurf confronts the guy who gave her the tip about the job. Smurf mixed up the days.

Pope is at the place he buried Catherine and having flashbacks.

J is working on homework and Craig asks. Deran comes home. He asks about Pope. Lena and Smurf come in and Baz sends her to watch cartoons. Baz brings up changing stuff. They want more of a say in the jobs they do. She thinks they are ganging up on her. She admonishes them for their bad choices in jobs.

Baz and Smurf go off on each other. They leave except for J. Smurf is upset.

Deran and Craig are driving and talk about bringing J into their group. They agree they need to be nicer to him.

Pope and Baz show up at a bar and grab a couple of beers. They talk about what happened with Smurf and talk about other jobs. Then Pope brings up J. They don't trust him. 

Deran and Craig are putting gas in the car. Craig is trying to text break up with Nicky. They find out Smurf has cancelled their credit cards.

Pope leaves Baz and Baz goes to talk to a chick that's been staring at him all night. They go home and have sex.

Smurf comes home with Lena. Some guy is there to tell her that Manny wants to see her.  She tells him Manny isn't getting any more money from her other than the $5K he already gets. She goes to the fridge. There is a gun hiding in there.  The guy leaves.

Deran shows Craig the bar he's going to buy.

J comes in to the house and talks to Smurf about what happened earlier. She gives J a credit card.

Baz asks the girl if she wants some food. She's taking a shower and isn't interested in conversation. She wants him to leave her alone while she showers.

Nicky goes to Craig's place in a tizzy. She thinks she's going to Guam. He want her to leave because he's "sick." She does. He's got another woman in the bedroom. Nicky brought him soup.

Smurf is playing checkers with Baz.  He tells they're doing a job and going to give her 10 percent. She tells a story about not being taken care of since she was 11.

Daren gets J to go to Baz's house where everyone is gathering to talk about the next job. Lena comes in while the guys are talking. She wants to go to the beach but Baz says no. They argue about how to do the job and the cut. Lena comes back in and interrupts. Pope says he'll take her when Baz yells at her. 

Everyone leaves and Baz holds J back. He talks to him about doing the lookout the right way. Baz does not like him.

Pope is at the beach with Lena when a woman comes to talk to him. Her son is swinging and she asks him to watch the boy while she changes the baby. Pope says okay.

Smurf is wrapping up pie in on four separate plates. She's upset. She hasn't been cooking for them.

Baz meets with his lover from Mexico for a beer. She wants Cat's stuff out before she goes over there.

Deran goes to Craig's place where Craig is snorting coke. He yells at Craig for not be responsible. Nicky shows up with a bag.

Deran and Craig go home for meatloaf. Everyone is there, even Pope. Everyone is enjoying dinner even though no one is talking. Smurf is trying to talk to them and offers a toast. She wants to know what their next job is. They don't say anything. She asks J to help her with dessert. 

The bald guy from earlier goes into a bedroom. It's Manny. 

Pope watches J and Smurf. The other guys leave. Pope sticks around and warns J to be careful then he leaves too. 




Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

May we all get what we want and never what we deserve.


Deran: I never went to school.
J: I can tell, man.