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On Archer Season 6 Episode 10, Archer and Lana appear to be maintaining their relationship, and are both happy. However, their constant displays of affection leads Pam, Cheryl, Cyril, Krieger and the one-armed Ray to form “Team Breakup”, and they collude to end their relationship.

After discussing several bad plans (including kidnapping Abijean or using hookers), Krieger suggests bringing someone in that has meaning to Archer. The gang decides to call Katya Kasnova, the woman – now cyborg – that Archer once wanted to marry.

Archer decides to invite Lana over and cook dinner for her, a suggestion that surprises Lana immensely.  While Team Breakup – along with Krieger’s holographic wife - has a stakeout outside Archer’s apartment in a horribly inappropriate ice cream truck, Katya arrives before Archer has a chance to get dinner started. She attempts to seduce Archer, who awkwardly and determinedly resists her seduction.

After resisting for as long as he can, Archer finally gets to tell Katya how he’s changed, how he’s in love with Lana and has a daughter.  Katya relents and says goodbye to Archer.

Meanwhile, Team Breakup, hearing Archer’s speech to Katya, runs to Archer’s penthouse to stop Lana from finding him with Katya. Cyril confesses to Lana that he still loves her, much to Lana and the gang’s scorn.

Archer manages to avoid being caught with Katya, but doesn’t quite avoid being in trouble in the end.

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I know you better sit your ass down before I jam an Easy Spirit up it.


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