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A criminal from Lance's past escapes and starts torturing and killing women. 

A blonde woman with a black mask and a sonic "thing" saves Oliver from Laurel's capture.

Felicity discovers the blonde has taken down five rapists in recent months.

Lance contacts The Hood to help with his old case so there aren't more murders on his conscience.

Thea goes to visit Moira at the prison.

Oliver, as The Hood, helps Lance find the Dollmaker.

Felicity tracks down a common element that is likely how the Dollmaker chooses his victims.

Felicity volunteers to be used as bait for the Dollmaker.

On the island, a ship is spotted off shore and begins firing missiles.

Lance analyzes Oliver and why he is masquerading as The Hood.

Lance is arrested for obstruction of justice.

Moira has her day in court regarding bail, and the DA's office announces they want to seek the death penalty.

On the island, Slade is hit by a missile and on fire.

Lance names The Arrow in casual conversation with Laurel, and then tells her he thinks her vendetta against him is her own misplaced guilt.

Roy catches up with his friend Sindy and when he chases her, he gets conked in the head.

The Dollmaker abducts both Lances.

The Arrow and Black Canary both spring into action when they realize Laurel has been abducted.

When Laurel sees The Arrow, she realizes it's her fault Tommy died.

Someone shows up to tell Black Canary that Ra's al Guhl has ordered her return, and when they won't lie for her saying she has disappeared, she kills him.

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Arrow Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

As if porcelain dolls weren't creepy all on their own.


Oliver, what I would like to know is what you were doing at Laurel's office in the first place. She makes you public enemy number one and you figured this was a good time to chat?