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Sadie and the gang help Val with an after school special, lovingly refereed to as A.S.S. Sadie decides to base the special on Jenny, a girl remarkably similar to Jenna. Val, while editing the video, realizes that Jenny is actually Jenna and lends a hand of support to Jenna. Instead, Jenna writes an expose about Valerie, and all the lines she crossed with her.

Val, fearing for the worst and Lacey at her wits end, team up with Ally and Sadie for a Jenna intervention. Jenna tells them to f*** off, and sends an email to Mr. Hart to publish the expose.

Later that night, Jenna decides to head out to a party with Collin. Lacey and Kevin remind Jenna that she is grounded and she can’t go, but Jenna goes anyway. Lacey warns Jenna that if she leaves she can’t come back.

Jenna leaves anyway. At the party, Jenna quickly realizes she is over her head. Downing shot after shot and running into Angelique, who spikes her drink with ecstasy. Jenna calls Matty and asks him to pick her up.

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Awkward Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

You are so nice it’s annoying.


I bet that Kevin is a real stingray in the sack.