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In an effort to bring the group back together, Jenna invites everyone over for a BBQ, but with everyone squarely siding with Matty the rest of the group finds it difficult to find a reason to go. Tamara tries to make everyone go, but Jenna, thinking everyone is bailing, sends some rude texts to Ming and Tamara.

Meanwhile, Sadie grows fond of Austin and Matty and Sadie talk about relationships.

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Awkward Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

If you ever kill me, I can only hope you’ll keep our murder baby.


Matty: That’s why I think we should get back together. I still love you Jenna. I just don’t understand how we could be the way we were, and then shut it all off. So why not start over?
Jenna: I can’t.
Matty: If I can you can.
Jenna: I can’t.
Matty: Why not?
Jenna: Because I don’t want to. I just need a break.