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On the class ski trip, Eva gets Sadie kicked off the trip for pulling her hair. Jenna tries to put herself behind it. Kevin and Lacey help chaperone. Jenna feels lonely without Luke who shows up to surprise her. Sadie drags Sergio to finally figure out Eva's games once and for all. Sergio Jalls in a favor with his dad about Eva - who is really Amber - and finds out her address. When she goes there she finds out that "Eva" lives with in Gran and in her room she finds Eva's had her sights on Matty from the beginning. 

Jenna and Sadie team up to tell Matty, and Eva soon tells Matty the entire truth but not before dropping a bombshell on him that she's pregnant. Matty wants her to check again so he can be sure, so she takes another test that shows she's pregnant.

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Awkward Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Kevin: Are you still afraid of the lift?
Lacey: Are you still afraid of me ripping your balls off? Because you should be.

Jenna: This girl's a freak.
Sadie: Wow, what an astute observation.