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It’s Spring Break, which means a trip to Mexico. On the road, Jenna finally gets the acceptance letter she’s been waiting for, and she begins to feel like her luck is finally turning around. At the house, Aly and Val are already partying, and Matty, Jake, and Tamara are there too with Sadie and Sergio.

Lissa comes back from her grounding a completely different person. Unafraid of caring what Jesus thinks of her, Lissa is ready and waiting for Tyler to meet her so they can finally get together. When Tyler does get together and the two bed, sparks don’t fly.

Gabi shows up to help Matty with meeting his biological father, and, Jenna feeling left out, decides to get her mind off things and head to the beach where she meets Brian, a marine who wants to study marine biology, and they swap phone numbers. Back at the house, Jenna tries to help Matty and talk with him, but Matty decides it would be better for them not to talk with Gabi so close.

Jake and Tamara grow closer after learning their music video is big in Japan, but soon go back to their old ways after learning the Japanese commenters are mocking them more than idolizing them.

Finally, Sadie learns that she won the scholarship, and is ready to move out to the east coast to begin her life; Sergio wishes she would have some compassion for those that are still on the west coast.

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Awkward Season 4 Episode 20 Quotes

Don’t make me seem like a heartless bitch just because I have higher aspirations than going to a JC and working on a food truck.


So, should we fuck like animals?