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After Jenna outs herself as one of the admins of the Dude Database when she deletes it. The entire school narrows in on her for ruining their Valentine’s Day, and Jenna decides she needs to make a “New Deal” type plan to reignite the fire the school much like the New Deal does for America’s economic well-being during the Great Depression. Jenna rents a party bus to Palos’ sexual reawakening.

When Jenna’s party bus arrives, she realizes her 200 dollars doesn’t get her much. Trying to make the best of the situation Jenna continues her enthusiasm, but as the drive continues everyone quickly hates the bus. With no booze to drink and no nooks or crannies to sneak away to everyone is left to a game of Never Have I Ever where secrets come out.

At the dance, everyone is still mad at Jenna, and she tries to own up and give a speech that inspires everyone to get back to their normal Valentine’s routine; it’s not until Tamara confesses to being part of the Dude Database and Lissa, high on  molly, kissing Sadie do things turn around.

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Awkward Season 4 Episode 17 Quotes

Sorry Val, can’t join you in your suicide spinster pact just yet.


Okay, I didn’t know we were in the Army because Major Shenanigans just reported for duty. Who robbed your cradle Risotti?