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Jenna, Tamara, Matty and Sully get a job at the country club, but Jake is less than impressed with them when they seem to be letting their personal drama into the workplace.

Jake's boss is on his case and threatens Jake with being fired if he doesn't put his friends in line. 

Jenna quizzes Matty about calling her, but he claims that he pocket dialed her. When she quizzes some more, he tells her that he found out that she didn't trash him to her parents. 

Sully interrupts and tells them about the party in the country club. They reluctantly agree and don't tell Jake anything about it. 

At the party, Jenna chats with Sully and Sully informs her that Matty didn't trash her either. The two of them get on very well, but Sully takes things too far when she tries to kiss Jenna. 

Luke gets jealous over the Matty and Jenna thing, but Matty makes it clear that he doesn't need to be. 

Sadie gets a shock call from Sergio to meet him at the hotel, but when she arrives, she's horrified to learn that he wants her to work for him again. Later, he takes her for dinner. 

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Awkward Season 5 Episode 17 Quotes

I didn't call you unless it's been a butt dial.


I can't wear it while I'm on duty.