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Norman wakes up, vomiting, wondering why he sees scratches on his shoulders in the mirror.

He goes downstairs calling for Mother. He doesn't fully get the whole Mother/Norman thing yet.

The Sheriff calls Norman as he's looking at a card from a bar. She needs him to come into the station.

Emma has a really grownup hairdo and finds one of Norma's earrings in their desk. Why she would use the word "it's no big deal" in reference to it is unknown. It's not Norma's though.

The Sheriff uses the stepfather angle with Norman to get information about Alex Romero. She wonders what might have happened during the visit Norman made to Alex in prison just before he escaped. Oh, that. Nothing.

She warns Norman that he's armed. As if that bothers Norman.

Norman can't find Mother and calls the bar to see if she was there last night, leaving her car. Yes? Did she perchance leave with a man? Probably. Ouch.

Emma and Dylan are having trouble with each other and the baby.

Emma wants to think about reaching out to Norma. She'd be amazing as a grandmother. Dylan assures her she doesn't have superpowers where she knows what people want despite what they say out loud, so drop the Norma thing.

Madeleine calls Norman and she gives him a ride to his car. He's rude. She needs to talk to her husband about why she's so lonely and isolated.

He's in Seattle doing his thing with Marion Crane. She doesn't care about his debt. It's not his debt she needs to be worrying about. He hasn't told her he's married, and he appears to have no plan to do so.

Marion is treated like meat at her job.

Norman comes clean with Madeleine about Sam and Marion at the hotel before he ever met her. She cries.

Mr. Lowry telling Marion Crane she won't be considered for a promotion nor a raise while being trusted with a $400,000 briefcase full of case was highly inappropriate.

Norman almost runs over Dr. Edwards in a crosswalk.

We learn it's been a year and a half since Norman has filled his prescriptions.

Marion steals the money, pops her stuff in the trunk, packs poorly so Carlton Cuse can pull her over. He sets her on her way.

Marion wants to meet Sam at the motel. Madeleine wants to know what her name is.

Dylan comes clean with Emma, but it's not exactly easy for the new mother to hear.

Norman goes looking for Mother, discovers there is an entire group of people who care for Mother through him. He might have figured things out, but for how long? He's figured them out before.

Emma discovers Norma has been dead.

Marion pulls into Bates Motel.

Bates Motel
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Bates Motel Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Norman: I don't need you to understand my life, Madeleine, because I barely understand it myself.
Madeleine: OK.
Norman: I'm sorry. You really didn't do anything wrong by inviting me over. But you need to talk to your husband because you're lonely and isolated for a reason. You just need to talk to him.

Norman: Look, I don't have anything else to say to you. I really have nothing else to tell you about the man.
Sheriff: What about the visit you made to him in prison just 24 hours before he escaped?