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Sheriff Greene is talking to Norman when Mother shows up, but then she's gone. He asks for his meds and wants the sheriff to take him out of there and to the station. 

Dylan chases Norman out of the house to tell him he'll get him a lawyer and not to talk. They don't get the meds from Dylan.

Greene is interrogating Norman. She asks if he killed the two people they pulled from the lake. She's starting to think he's making things up. he insists he's not.

He insists he killed Sam Loomis. Sheriff asks why but he can't answer. They put him in a cell and give him his meds.

meds or not. Mother shows up. She starts beating him up and makes him throw up the medication. She's trying to protect him.

Norma tells him she's going to fix it.  Norma knocks Norman out and takes over.

Dulan meets with a lawyer and tells her about Emma's mom as well as about Norman. He wants Norman in a mental institution.

Greene comes to talk to Norman but he's changed. He tells Greene he wants to go home but he confessed to murder so she wants to question him more. Then she arrests him and reads his rights.

Chick shows up at the motel but it is an active crime scene as well as the house.

Norman is brought to an office where his lawyer is waiting for him. They talk about the case.

Dylan is in his hotel room and calls Emma and tells her what's going on.

Norman is meeting with Greene. His lawyer is present. He concocts a story about Madeline and falling in love with her, but claims he didn't kill Sam Loomis.  He's trying to pin the murder on Madeline.

Greene doesn't look very convinced. 

Greene is questioning Madeline in her office. She tells her what's going on. 

Romero finds the gun his friend was hiding and leaves.

Madeline leaves the station and tries calling Sam. Norman is brought to the interrogation room and sees Madeline. They lock eyes.

Greene visits Dylan and tells him that they identified the second body pulled from the lake as Emma's mom, Audrey.

Romero show sup at the abandoned motel. He heads up to the house and walks around. he hears something and sees Norma's ghost.

Norman is in an interrogation room by himself. Norma tells him she can't wait until he gets out of there so they can be together again.

Romero is sleeping in Norma's bed when he hears something and gets up to investigate. He goes into the basement and finds Chick transcribing Norman talking from a tape recorder.

Chick tells Romero that he's writing a book about Norma and Norman. Chick tells him Norman had Norma dug up and kept her in the basement.

Chick keeps yapping and Romero shoots him in the head.

The police are searching the woods and find the well. They bring up the body of Sam Loomis.

Sheriff Greene tells Norman he is being charged with the murders of Emma's mom and Blackwell as well as Sam Loomis's.


Bates Motel
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Bates Motel Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

He's not a bad person. He's not a criminal. He's crazy.


From where I'm sitting you're a child and children sometimes act out. Almost always because they feel ignored. So I'm starting to think calling in all my cops, searching your motel, your house, questioning you now is just giving you exactly what you want. Attention.

Sheriff Greene