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When you watch Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 7 online via TV Fanatic, you will get to meet Russ' mother, played by guest star Candace Bergen. If you thought she was a criminal, locked away in prison, then bingo for you because that is exactly where she was! She is needed for a case and Milt is kind enough to spring her, much to Russ' dismay. Things only progress wildly from there, so don't miss a minute of the action and watch Battle Creek online today!

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On Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 7, Russ must reluctantly turn to his mother, a counterfeiter and con artist, to help him solve a case.

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Battle Creek
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Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Yes. The time frame that my mother pulled out of her ass fits within the time frame that you pulled out of your ass.


Milt: So I'm assuming Constance is the one who bought you the shoes every year? Someone close to you? Someone who loves you?
Russ: Wrong. She's my mother.