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When you watch Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 5 online, you'll get learn a little bit more about Commander Kim Guziewicz as her house is set ablaze. But are all things as they seem? Meanwhile, it's getting closer to Funkahuser's wedding day and the boys are hanging together at the bachelor party. After Russ was done being the main attraction, did he, by chance, send Holly a big bouquet of flowers? He certainly can't remember, but he's not ruling it out. Find out all about it when you watch Battle Creek online!

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On Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 5, Russ and Milt head up the arson investigation when Commander Guziewicz's home is burned to the ground.

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Battle Creek
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Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Russ: I wet my bed til I was 12.
Milt: No you didn't.

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Milt: I know you're worried about Holly, but I'm sure everything's...
Russ: Stop talkin' right there.
Milt: I'm sorry, I'm just trying to reassure you.
Russ: Reassure me? So as this is not a professional conversation, we don't need to be having it.
Milt: You're hurt?
Russ: I opened up to you because you kept jabbering on about trust and I thought, for a brief moment, that you meant it. That you were right, people work work together, they should trust each other. You know, they shouldn't have secrets, so then I told you a deeply personal story and I get nothing.
Milt: I'm sorry that I didn't reciprocate. It's just that you told me a deeply personal fictional story and I couldn't come up with something fast enough.