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When you watch Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 8 online via TV Fanatic, you will see Danny struggle when he realizes the man who is locked up for his parents' murder might be innocent. He goes to Agent Chamberlin with assistance in his case and Milt reopens the case and old wounds to find out if he might be right. The results are stunning and bring a sense of closure to a boy who has been searching for himself for almost two decades. Find out what Danny learns about his family when you watch Battle Creek online via TV Fanatic!

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On Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 8, Milt ends up in the middle of his Commander's life when her son asks him to investigate the murder of his birth parents.

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Battle Creek
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Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Kim: Why are you suddenly so obsessed with this?
Danny: Why am I so obsessed with my parents' murder? Because if it wasn't a drug killing, then maybe my parents weren't a couple of drug-addicted losers. Maybe I don't have to be one, either.

Milt: Why does everyone always have to have an ulterior motive, Russ?
Russ: Because everyone has an ulterior motive, Milton.