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In 2011, a blonde woman is applying make-up but sees a distorted reflection in the mirror and punches the glass, shattering it. With a large pieces of glass, she cuts her face while her mother yells at her to hurry up.

Sophie buys a coffee and runs into Mary and they chat. Sophie's in a good mood.

At Wayne Tower, Kate and Luke chat. Kate's in a good mood.

It's because they kissed. Sophie reveals she doesn't know who Batwoman is and Mary has to play dumb too. Luke reminds Kate that Bruce insisted on isolationism as Batman.

Alice is upset at how brief her obituary is but finds satisfaction in IDing Dr. Campbell as August Cartwright.

A lawyer visits Jacob and asks him to assist his client in getting a quicker court date in repayment of Reggie saving his life in prison. Turns out Reggie is the man coonvicted of killing Lucius Fox.

Batwoman pays Sophie a visit to tell her they need to cool it off and walk away but Sophie's not interested and kisses her. A noise startles them and Sophie goes to investigate. Turns out it's her mother come to visit unannounced.

A woman on the set of a photo shoot is chased by a masked, razor-wielding hooded blonde.

The news the next day reports Kimberly Wright had her face slashed in the attack. This is the second social media figure to be attacked in this way.

Kate checks in with Mary who knows all the social media figures in Gotham. She connects them all to Dr. Campbell through their plastic surgery.

Mary offers to help investigate, suspecting Kate is asking because she's Batwoman. Kate recommends she stay out of it.

Sophie's mother is angry to hear that Sophie and Tyler separated. Jacob informed her that Sophie had been suspended.

Meeting in an alley, Batwoman asks Sophie to question Dr. Campbell. Dr. Campbell recalls a girl with scars like the ones being inflicted on these victims, Duela Dent.

Duela's uncle is Harvey Dent, a well-known ADA in Gotham and she was recently released from a mental health facility.

Batwoman investigates Dent's home and finds her hitlist. Hearing a noise downstairs, she finds a victim, Evelyn Dent, tied up and then fights Dent. Dent slashes her mother's throat and then runs, leaving Batwoman to try to save Evelyn's life.

Alice considers how to destroy August Cartwright with the help of a captive psychologist, Dr. Malone. She then finds Duela Dent's picture in her file on Campbell/Cartwright.

Cartwright still has Mouse captive and tells him that Alice is dead. Cartwright gasses Mouse.

Jacob questions the Crow agent who turned Reggie Harris over to the GCPD. He doesn't feel that the case was handled incorrectly and accuses Jacob of trying to set Lucius Fox's killer free.

Batwoman asks Mary to identify the yearbook picture Dent circled and Mary informs her that the girl now has a different nose and chin and goes by Veronica May. May runs a cosmetic company.

May's truck has been run off the road and while Batwoman is investigating, Sophie turns up to warn her that the Crows are on their way. May's factory is nearby and Batwoman puts Sophie on the back of the Batcycle to get away from the Crows.

Mary finds Alice in her clinic. Alice tells her about saving her life.

Duela has Veronica hanging over a vat of acid and starts the machine to lower her in. She runs out and Sophie catches her. They fight. Batwoman stalls the machinery and then swings through to save Veronica.

Sophie and Batwoman discuss a relationship and Sophie realizes that she needs to be honest with herself before she can be in a relationship.

Alice finds Duela and strikes a deal.

Jacob questions his agent again.

GCPD come to arrest Duela but she's not where Sophie left her.

Duela appears at the door to Dr. Campbell's office.

GCPD find Duela but her face has been removed.

Duela reveals that she's Alice and knocks Campbell/Cartwright out with a briefcase.

Jacob reaches out to Sophie and asks for her help in investigating the Crows.

Sophie's mother brings in coffee and Sophie tells her that she's been lying. She tells her mother that she's gay. Her mother walks out on her.

Mary approaches Kate and offers a listening ear. Kate sticks with her cover story and Mary tries to get her to open up.

Alice has Cartwright captive and demands Mouse back. Cartwright laughs and promises to tell her where to find him.

Mouse wakes up with his gas mask still on with the tube leading to a cannister of fear toxin.

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Batwoman Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Kate: Where's my cowl?
Luke: In the shop. Giving it a little upgrade.
Kate: Upgrade? Like, x-ray vision?
Luke: No.
Kate: Echolocation?
Luke: I'll admit it's a good idea...but, no.

Mary: You're in a good mood.
Sophie: You say that like it's a bad thing.