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Alice breaks into a morgue and steals skin off of dead bodies.

In the Bat Cave, Luke and Kate review the footage and figure out that the "Skin Pirate" is Alice.

Dodgson has returned to Alice and she's tending to his wounds and questioning him at the same time. Batwoman arrives, incapacitates the gang, and take Alice prisoner.

To get Alice talking, Kate calls Jacob, knowing that he'll track her phone. Alice gets Kate to drive her to a roadside diner and tells her about Catherine's subterfuge and being trapped by Mouse, aka Johnny, and his father.

In Crows HQ, Jacob shares with Sophie the truth of Catherine's lies and the fact she was the one who blew up Alice's transport. He also tells her about Kate's call and she insists on going with him to track Alice down.

Catherine and Mary are talking about the DNA evidence of Beth's death and Catherine admits she paid the technician to fake the results. Mary is outraged and storms away.

At the roadside diner, Alice goes into detail about how Johnny could mimic any voice and how his father wanted Beth to be Johnny's friend. When she tried to get away, he locked her in a room in the basement.

Mary shows up drunk at Wayne Tower looking for Kate but finds Luke instead.

Following the tracker on Kate's phone, Jacob and Sophie discuss the issues Jacob and Catherine are having and whether Alice is really Beth.

Johnny's father was trying to repair the damage on Johnny's face with experimental face transplants.

In the diner, Kate tries to ask Alice about the skin she's been stealing be discovers that she's been drugged. 

Jacob and Sophie arrive at the diner and are ambushed by Dodgson and the rest of the gang in the parking lot. Jacob gets ahold of Dodgson and tries to make him explain himself. Dodgson tells him that the Crows only protect the rich and that Jacob has failed to make Gotham safer.

Jacob beats on Dodgson until Sophie pulls him off.

Back at Wayne Tower, Mary is still drinking and complaining and Luke is researching skin thefts. 

Kate wakes up in the cell that Beth was held captive in. Alice wants her out of the way for the rest of her plan to work. She also describes her one escape attempt where she managed to call her father. Jacob and young Kate had actually come to the farmhouse but Johnny's father convinced Jacob that Johnny had mimicked Beth's voice on the phone and Kate finds the door to the cell but doesn't try to get in. Beth hadn't made a sound because she'd been told if she did, Johnny's father would kill both Jacob and Kate and it would be all her fault.

Having lost Kate's phone signal, Sophie and Jacob are driving the country road when he realizes that they are near the Cartwright farm where he'd once looked for Beth. He heads for the farm.

Mary realizes what Luke's been researching and starts looking with him. Luke discovers that Jonathan Cartwright who also stole skin from corpses escaped from Arkham two weeks previously.

Alice confronts Jacob when he comes looking for Kate and stabs him when he gets close. Kate pulls a nail out of her boot and escapes the room. Sophie finds Jonathan, aka Mouse, in the shed but he knocks her out and runs. In the house, Alice holds a gun on Jacob when Kate pulls Mouse in as her hostage. Alice doesn't believe Kate can pull the trigger but then Sophie comes in with a rifle. Kate and Alice trade hostages and Alice and Mouse leave together.

Luke calls Mary a driver and sends her away.

Kate wonders as she stands on a bridge whether she can connect with Alice when she couldn't sense Beth all those years ago. Jacob joins her.

Alice and Mouse sit together and share some sentiments about being together again. Laughing maniacally, they plan their takeover of Gotham. 

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Batwoman Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Kate: Bruce doesn't have night-vision goggles?
Luke: Batman doesn't do goggles.

I'll look into whatever the hell she could be using the skin for if you remind me to clear my image search history.